Yvonne Hayes is a mind-body coach and holistic massage therapist who owns a practice that specialises in Hanna Somatics, educating people to recognise and treat the effect of stress on the body and mind, and encouraging health and well-being through movements and relaxation.

She holds Certificates in Clinical Somatic Education, Advanced Diplomas in Therapeutic Counselling and the Management of Change and Counselling Supervision from the International Institute of Health and Holistic Therapists. She is also an NLP Practitioner, NO HANDS Massage therapist and EFT practitioner.

For many years, Yvonne was a counsellor with Women’s Aid. She then chose to start her own business and began training in physical therapies that would complement and enhance her counselling experience, including investigating yoga, Tai Chi, and Feldenkrais — but it was coming across NO HANDS Massage that was to prove the catalyst of a career dedicated to body-mind health.

Yvonne and her three brothers were raised on her family’s farm in a little village in Lancashire. She has two children, and was overjoyed to become a grandmother in 2021.

Drawing depicting the sould and intellect shaking hands in reconciliation
“I believe this ‘soul and intellect-reconciling’ information is so important, for ourselves and for future generations to come, and it has to be nurtured and kept alive. If we support this information, it will support us, and the possibilities are endless and so exciting for what can be created.”
Yvonne leaning on rocks high above a lake with mountains in the backgound
Photograph of Yvonne Hayes in front of a waterhole with lots of hippos in Kenya