The WTM Preston Centre joins other Centres across the British Isles and the world to ensure this invaluable and transformational understanding of the human condition is shared far and wide to psychologically liberate and rehabilitate humanity.

We suggest the best way to start immersing yourself in this new paradigm of thought is to watch THE Interview that is provided on this website’s homepage, and Videos 1–4 & 14 that are freely available on the WTM’s website at

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“The future of humankind depends upon these hard-won truths and the beautiful integrity with which Jeremy Griffith expresses it all.”

Linda MacCarthy, WTM Dublin founder

“It’s imperative that every single one of us do absolutely everything we can to get this absolutely essential information to the world, to save not only the planet, but also the very essence of humankind as the heroes that we were meant to be.”

Warren Smith, WTM Oxford founder

“Jeremy Griffith’s work transforms how psychology and psychotherapy should be taught and used.”

Julie Parmenter, WTM Athlone founder

“This knowledge helps to unlock all our best selves! It is so amazing to have all this information to take ourselves and the whole of the human race on a whole new journey.”

Karen Boon, WTM Staffordshire founder

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